4 responses to “Configure Roundcube Webmail to “remember” username in login form in Debian 8

  • Ascar

    4 years down the road and this workaround does not work anymore, at least for me. I tried changing all 3 strings in the array to on and changing $autocomplete > value from 0 to 1.

    Perhaps you know how to get it working in 2021?


  • vessinity

    Hi Ascar, haven done it for a while, but just checked and this still works. May be your version is different/newer? Checked on Roundcube Webmail IMAP Client || Version 1.3.16


    • Ascar

      Alright, I am on a much newer version 1.4.11 and my installation location is different since Roundcube was installed as a part of iRedMaill in /opt/www/roundcube, however it should not change a zilch in the logic.

      I am wondering if I use Roundcube as a service provider how would I handle forgotten passwords as well. There are no explicit explanations about how to add a ‘Forgot Password?’ link to the login form….

      So, no way to store login creds in cookies and no way to recover lost passwords…

      If you have anything to share one day please do!


      • vessinity

        This may not be implemented in the software/code, you can always request/discuss with the developers. For a small group of users the sysadmin can easily change the password in the database, though I agree for a large organisation it will be inconvenient. I can not recall, but probably there is another webmail frontend which supports the function.


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